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Welcome to AnimatedCorals

We grow it so you can show it! We take pride in our corals and value our customers. Thanks for stopping by and we recommend subscribing to follow along our journey in growing our business and for any sales or giveaways we’ll be having in the near future!

How We Got Our Start

Two best friends from Chicago! starting out as hobbyists has been such an amazing experience for us, that we just had to share some of our expertise that we have learned along the way. We started selling corals about a year ago, and it has become a fast growing business for us (literally) we love what we do , and take pride in corals ! Their health is our number one priority . We look forward to seeing our corals grow into yours . 

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Committed to Excellence

Our site is still in the works - but sometimes you need to just jump into it. Please show your support and purchase a piece of our in house grown coral! Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward in providing you some beautiful pieces to display in your reef! 

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We Put Your Needs First


Coral Care

Questions about coral compatibility? Not a problem, let us know what you’re interested in

Have a question about lighting, flow, placement? Shoot us a message and we’ll tell you how we grow ours! Sometimes it’s not just high par, but a combination of good stability and patience!

Coral Wishlist

Are you looking for that specific piece? Are you new to the hobby and looking for certain colors to add to your reef? Let us know, and we’ll try our best to make that wish a reality!

Display Setup

Setting up multiple tanks throughout the years makes us confident in setting up yours, so you can sit back and enjoy your slice of the ocean and not worry about the labor in setting up your tank. Message us today for a quote


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